Established in 2009

Movideosound. Digital Cinema & Documentary Productions. Music Videos, Promo Trailers and YouTube & Tv Advertisement. General Graphic Designers & Original Poster Creators and Distributors. (THE POSTER PROJECT is a Division of Movideosound, A General Media Service Group).

Movideosound was created for the production and Distribution of Feature Movies and Art Cinema, Documentaries, Music Videos, Shorts, Educational & Corporate Projects, YouTube and Advertising in the Media.

Movideosound has a technical and Artistic staff with more than 40 years of experience in the Media.

At Movideosound we began “The Poster Project” with the creation of Posters related to Cinematography, originating unique and exclusive Designs for Distribution and Sale through all Media, for Decoration in Film, Video and Music Studios, Poster Collectors related to Cinema and people who like to add a touch of “Hollywood Style” to their home theater, Family Room, or any other place they want to Decorate with The Hollywood Cinema Look or Mood. Our Posters are ideal for Interior Decoration Artists in all their Genres.

Posters created by Movideosound are one of a kind because they are very Original and Exclusive Designs and are created by Artists with many years of experience in the world of Cinematography and the Arts.

The Creation, Production and sale division of Movideosound Posters are NOT NECESSARILY Film Industry Movie Posters, although some of  Movideosound Exclusively Produced Film Productions have been designed and distributed in the past, or are Movideosound Customer Films, or some of its members.

In Movideosound we saw the lack in the media of the type and Style of Posters that we design and Distribute. It is one of the reasons that we Created “The Poster Project”.

The idea of creating a project to Design, Print, Distribute and sell Posters related to the subject of Cinematography, also arose in part, when we realized that for the vast majority of low-income youth, there is not enough means to be able to learn, practice and work in the Movie Industry. It is also for this reason that we made the decision to dedicate half of the profits,(After Expenses) from the Sale of each Poster, or any other item that we will also considering selling to help with the purchase of necessary Equipment, such as Computers, Cameras and other accessories, especially for the youth interested in learning how to make Movies.

We are also considering offering scholarship-type donations for those youth who would like to learn Digital Cinematography and Animation, residents of other Cities or Countries around the world.

We want to make it clear that both Movideosound and “The Poster Project” are NOT non profit entities and WE ARE NOT REQUESTING DONATIONS for these purposes, since the funds for aid to low-income youth will be from the PROFITS OBTAINED from the POSTERS and some other items related to the Cinematography Theme.

Due to all this, if you order one or more Posters from our Collections, or some other item, you will be Positively supporting this Noble Project and more than anything, NOBLE CAUSE.

Remember; When you order a Poster from Movideosound, you are also helping the youth interested in the Cinema Field.

We look forward to welcome you as a great Client in our Cinema Production Division or as a Great Customer in Our “POSTER PROYECT”.  Thank You!

The Movideosound Group